HISTORY: Shooting the Rapids in Niagara Falls

red hill niagara falls

Carlisle Graham On Sunday, July 11th, 1886 Graham Carlisle, a barrel maker from Philadelphia became the first person ever to shoot the Great Gorge Rapids in a barrel. Capt. Joel Robinson had already piloted the Maid of the Mist from it’s landing below the Horseshoe Falls to Queenston in 1861. Carlisle Graham would make his […]


9 People Who Crossed Niagara Falls on a Tightrope

Clifford Claverly Clifford Claverly is another tightrope walker to challenge the Niagara Gorge. He is probably best known as being the fastest tightrope walker, having completed his journey in the time of 2 minutes, 32 5/8 seconds. Most of his contemporaries had taken fifteen to twenty minutes to cross. Claverly also amazed the audiences with […]


Learning wine making the easier way; wine making kits for dummies

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Wine making kits are essential for making homemade wine. Homemade wine is easy to prepare if you have all the things needed. For beginners, this kit is very important so that they will have the best homemade wine. Homemade wine can give you many benefits and you wouldn’t regret it. Wine making is an art, […]