Chronology: History of Niagara Falls

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 Chronology of the important dates. Facts, events and famous people in Niagara Falls history History of Niagara Falls is the article about chronology of the important history facts, dates, events and people visiting the waterfalls, from the formation to the modern days. History of Niagara Falls – Events from thousands of years ago 18 000 […]



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By day and by night, frontward and back, his feet in baskets, his head in a sack, he crossed the torrent on a cable—190 feet up By LLOYD GRAHAM On Thursday, June 30, 1859, the atmosphere at Niagara Falls was charged with excitement. A slightly built Frenchman, dressed in tights and carrying a long balancing pole, […]


The Legend of the Maid of the Mist

Long ago, the peaceful tribe of the Ongiaras lived beside the Niagara River. For an unknown reason, Indians were dying, and it was believed that the tribe must appease the Thunder God Hinum, who lived with his two sons in a cave behind the Falls. At first, the Indians sent canoes laden with fruit, flowers […]


Niagara Falls Daredevils Who Risked Their Lives

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The first barrel trip over the Falls The first barrel trip over the Falls was made by Annie Edson Taylor, a school teacher from Bay City Michigan, on October 4, 1901. Annie’s barrel was curiously constructed, tapered almost to a point at the bottom and bound with metal hoops. It was padded with pillows and […]


9 People Who Crossed Niagara Falls on a Tightrope

Clifford Claverly Clifford Claverly is another tightrope walker to challenge the Niagara Gorge. He is probably best known as being the fastest tightrope walker, having completed his journey in the time of 2 minutes, 32 5/8 seconds. Most of his contemporaries had taken fifteen to twenty minutes to cross. Claverly also amazed the audiences with […]


HISTORY: Shooting the Rapids in Niagara Falls

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Carlisle Graham On Sunday, July 11th, 1886 Graham Carlisle, a barrel maker from Philadelphia became the first person ever to shoot the Great Gorge Rapids in a barrel. Capt. Joel Robinson had already piloted the Maid of the Mist from it’s landing below the Horseshoe Falls to Queenston in 1861. Carlisle Graham would make his […]