How to Cook a Whole Grilled Whole Chicken

grilled chicken

Grilling a whole chicken creates a juicy and moist flesh with a tasty charred skin that is simply irresistible. In this simple recipe adapted from The Grilling Encyclopedia by A. Cort Sinnes, whole chicken is rubbed with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and grilled until cooked through. With a few simple ingredients you can […]


6 Exciting Things to Do When Visiting Niagara’s Famous Clifton Hill

niagara falls fun

Clifton Hill is not the area of town where you’d go to admire historic architecture, take in picturesque views, or retreat in the solitude of nature. Rather, it is the tacky-but-fun district of downtown Niagara Falls, Ontraio.  This is where you find haunted houses, wax museums, Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not, and more.  It’s also jam-packed with little […]


Vegetarian Goulash

Traditional Hungarian Goulash is made with sausages and stewing meat. This vegetarian version of the hearty winter soup takes its texture from mushrooms, red beans and nokedli (knöpfle spätzle — an Eastern European egg noodle or dumpling vaguely similar to gnocchi). You can also make this recipe in a crock pot or a slow cooker, […]


How to Store Wine

wine storage

Having invested possibly hundreds of dollars in your latest bottle of vintage wine (ah well, we can but dream), the next important decision is where to store this prized possession? The main issue when it comes to storing wine is that it needs to be maintained at a cool temperature of between 12 and 16 […]


Wine 101

wine 101 niagara on the lake

The French and the Italians have the best cuisines in the world—and they complement it with the best wine from the cellar. A brilliant red wine or a golden white wine, diners fully appreciate the meal with a glass of either wines. The tannin, aroma, and texture of the wines heighten or balance the flavor […]


How to Cook a Delicious Peppery Rib-Eye Steak

Peppery Rib-Eye Steaks

Add spice and zing to ribeye steaks for an exciting meal. In this recipe, boneless beef ribeye steaks are marinated in a powerful and intoxicating combination of spices including garlic, freshly ground pepper, dry mustard, paprika, chili powder, thyme leaves, salt, and cayenne pepper. One of the tastiest cuts of meat, rib-eye steaks are taken […]


Niagara Falls Stuntmen

Sam Patch Sam Patch Before arriving in Niagara the young Sam Patch had already achieved a degree of notoriety by some of his previous jumps. He had performed in front of crowds in New Jersey, jumping into the Passaic Falls. When approached by local hotel proprietors he decided to take them up on their offer. […]