10 Fun Wine Stoppers that Make Perfect Gifts

Don’t take life too seriously, add a touch of style and fun to any table with our unique new gifting range of “Funny wine stoppers” These fun wine stopers are bound to delight and bring smiles to your recipients faces! Happy Henry- Wine Bottle Stopper in Comical Gift Box – $6.99 No Wine Enthusiasts Wine Accessories Collection is Complete without […]


What is White Wine?

Most white wine is produced from white grapes. I say most, because there are a few exceptions. Wine gets its color from letting the skins soak in the juice. Since this is the case, it is possible to make white wine out of black grapes by carefully extracting the juice and keeping the skins separated. […]


Tasting Characteristics of White Wines

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Dry, Neutral The term dry is simply the opposite or absence of sweetness. Some white wines are extremely refreshing when youre very thirsty. The fact that they are neutral means that they do not exhibit any particular strong quality. The Italians tend to stay away from aromatic, strong flavored white wines. Most Pinot Grigio, Pinot […]


Which Are The Best Wine Coolers?

Wine Coolers For the wine enthusiast,  bottled wine needs to be stored in technology more advanced than the refrigerator where they store their pasteurized milk.  If you, as a wine enthusiast, do not have access to proper and environmentally controlled wine cellars, then you will need a wine cooler in order to have any chance […]


Wine Refrigerators

Using Wine Refrigerators as Cellars With so many more people becoming interested wine these days, wine refrigerators have come to fill the need for storage. Many of us do not have the space, money, or desire for a full blown walk-in wine cellar. Refrigerators make the perfect solution. I especially enjoy the fact that you […]


An Introduction to Wine

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What is wine? Wine has been made for centuries from just a two simple ingredients: yeast and grape juice. Actually, just about any fruit juice can be used, but by far the majority of all wine is made from the juice of the grape. How is wine made? Yeast is the magical ingredient that turns […]


What is Corked Wine?

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Keeping a wine bottle sealed is probably the most important factor when it comes to maintaining a good wine. A cork is essential, as it keeps oxygen out of the wine bottle. If a bottle of wine is not airtight then it may become oxidized and undrinkable. Traditionally, the only corks worth considering were those […]


Niagara Icewine

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The discovery of icewine, or eiswein, in 1794 in Franconia, Germany was accidental, like many other gastronomic delights. In that year a freak cold spell froze vineyards prior to harvest and, to avert ruin, winemakers tried to press juice from the frozen grapes. They were ecstatic and surprised when the wine was ready. It was […]


Matching Wine and Cheese

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One of the longest standing wine and food partnerships is that of cheese and wine. It dates back 6000 years, almost as old as recorded history. Wine is the classic companion for cheese and both complement each other superbly. The fat content of cheese coats the taste buds and makes wine appear to be much […]