How Niagara Falls was formed?

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Have you ever found yourself wondering about Niagara Falls History or how Niagara Falls was formed? Know your Niagara Falls history! Frozen Niagara Falls is a big hit with tourist. Here are some of the coolest questions: So, why does Niagara Falls freeze? How was Niagara Falls formed? The Clovis people were the first known […]


British Gain Control of Niagara

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The capture of Montreal and the final defeat of France in America was the triumph of General Jeffrey Amherst. He was knighted and made Governor General of all British America. However, his quality of ruthless determination, so valuable in war, was to prove a distinct liability in peacetime. He had nothing but contempt for Indians. […]


Niagara Falls History

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There are a multitude of theories on the origin of the name “Niagara falls”, which is one of the most spectacular and famous naturally occurring wonders in North America, perhaps the world. In the middle of the last millennium, Europeans reached North America and began to explore its vast natural wonders. Seventeenth century maps of […]


Niagara History: The Early Inhabitants of Niagara

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NIAGARA EARLY INHABITANTS Man has probably been on the Niagara Frontier for 9,000 years. The earliest stone tools left by wandering hunters have been tentatively dated at 7000 B.C. Artifacts uncovered at River-haven on Grand Island and at Lewiston are believed to date from 1000 B.C. and 160 A.D. respectively. Although discoveries from pre-Christian time […]


The Niagara War History: the War of 1812

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Around Niagara Falls: The Historic Places The Village of Queenston is located 12 miles north of Niagara Falls. There once stood the barracks housing detachments of Butler’s famous Rangers who, along with their Indian allies, raided deep into New York State during the Revolutionary War. Here, too, lived the wealthy Robert Hamilton, master of the […]