10 Fun Wine Stoppers that Make Perfect Gifts

Don’t take life too seriously, add a touch of style and fun to any table with our unique new gifting range of “Funny wine stoppers” These fun wine stopers are bound to delight and bring smiles to your recipients faces! Happy Henry- Wine Bottle Stopper in Comical Gift Box – $6.99 No Wine Enthusiasts Wine Accessories Collection is Complete without […]


An Introduction to Wine

introduction to wine

What is wine? Wine has been made for centuries from just a two simple ingredients: yeast and grape juice. Actually, just about any fruit juice can be used, but by far the majority of all wine is made from the juice of the grape. How is wine made? Yeast is the magical ingredient that turns […]


What is Wine?

what is wine

Wine is fermented fruit juice. It can be made from any fruit, from pineapple to peach to pear, though over time, grapes have been singled out as the most successful ingredient. Sounds pretty easy, doesnt it? Obviously, theres a little more to it, or wed all have a crock of fruit fermenting away in our […]


A Simple Wine Tasting Guide

wine tasting

Choosing a wine glass A good tasting glass is made of clear glass so that you can view the content easily. The stem has to be long enough for a comfortable grip without touching the bowl, and the foot wide enough to give a firm base. Careful washing and drying the glasses are important. If […]