4 Wine Storage Tips When Travelling 

Wine and Travel

It’s always nice to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long and tiring day. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’re probably the type of person who drinks wine to unwind and relax. There’s no problem if you want to bring your favorite bottle when you go on vacation and enjoy a drink while being surrounded by beautiful scenery. However, there’s no denying that travelling with alcohol can be challenging if you don’t know how to do it properly.

Although transporting wine, especially overseas, is difficult, it’s not completely impossible. If you really want to bring your favorite bottle with you during one of your vacations or overseas trips, then try these tips:  

  • Travel Light 

When you travel with a bottle of wine, there’s a possibility that it will get damaged due to the poor conditions during transport. Hot temperatures or rough baggage handling can spoil your wine and make the effort of bringing it with you go to waste. There’s also the issue of how you’ll fit all your things in your luggage since you also need to pack your travel essentials, especially if you’ll be away for a while.  

If you’re travelling alone and simply want to have a small sip every now and then during your trip, bringing an entire bottle may not be ideal. You won’t have anyone to drink it with, and if you’re just a casual drinker, finishing a bottle may be too difficult. You’ll end up wasting the wine since you can’t consume it all or bring it back with you.

Of course, there are other options you can try if you truly want to bring wine with you during your travels. Instead of buying a regular bottle, you can buy a smaller version containing about one to two servings. This way, you’ll only bring what you can finish and save a lot of luggage space. A smaller container will be easier to carry and still allow you to enjoy a good glass of wine. If you would like to purchase compact bottles of wine, you can visit usualwines.com or go to your local wine shop.  

  • Wrap It Well 

One way you can ensure that the bottle of wine you’ll pack won’t be damaged is by wrapping it in thick clothes or bubble wrap. If you have some thick pieces of clothing, you can use them to protect the bottle inside your check-in luggage. This will save space in your bag and ensure that the wine won’t shift inside your suitcase during travel.  

You should be careful with the temperature of the bottle while you’re in transit. If you’re going on a road trip, be sure not to put your bags directly above the car engine since the heat can tamper with the condition of the wine. It’s better if you placed it near the air conditioning of the car. Also, if you’re going to park your car and leave your suitcase, be sure to find a shaded area since direct sunlight can heat up the interior of your vehicle.  

You won’t have many options if you’re travelling by air, so the best thing you can do is to ensure that your bottles are correctly wrapped and tucked away in your luggage. If you can find some gel ice packs, then pack them with the bottle. It won’t stay cold for the whole flight, but at least you can keep it at room temperature.  

To prevent any leakage, you can also reinforce the cap of the bottle with tape to ensure that it won’t loosen during transport. This is important, especially if the wine you’ll carry with you isn’t sealed with a cork. After all, you don’t want your wine to spill all over your clothes and other belongings.

  • Ship It Ahead  

If you want to bring multiple bottles somewhere for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a birthday party, it’s best to ship them ahead of your departure. No one can deny that wine tastes better when paired with food, and in many celebrations, it’s normal to enjoy a glass while eating. Although there’s no rule regarding what you can drink during a formal gathering, some people may want to drink a particular wine that’s not easily accessible within the event venue.  

Shipping a box of wines is a good option if you need to bring a lot of wine for a large group of people. It can also be a safer method to ensure that the bottles will be appropriately handled during transport. You may also save money by shipping some locally bought wines rather than purchasing them at your destination. If you’re sending out your wines ahead, just be sure that someone can receive and store them before you arrive.

  • Inquire About The Rules  

In case you’re traveling by air, it’s best to ask the airlines you’ll fly with if there are any limitations to how much alcohol you can have in your check-in luggage. Some airports may have strict guidelines on things you can bring with you and may confiscate your wine bottles if you don’t follow their rules. The country you’ll visit may also have different requirements on alcoholic beverages, so if you don’t want to encounter any inconvenience, it’s best to learn about such matters before your departure.  

Some places may require you to pay taxes if you need to bring in wine or take some home. You’ll have a smoother experience throughout your trip if you know what to expect when you’re carrying wine.  

Final Thoughts  

Bringing wine with you during your trips isn’t an easy thing to do. However, if you truly want to do it, there are ways to ensure that the process will be less stressful. You can choose to bring a smaller container to save some space in your luggage or send it ahead of your trip to avoid any problems. As long as you do your part to ensure that your wine is safe and secured, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of it at your destination.

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