Basic Wine Making Equipment for the Home Brewer

home made wine making

One of the best thing new winemakers need to know when learning how to make homemade wine is that you will not have to spend a lot of money to get started with the winemaking hobby. In fact if you buy from our wine store, you will find that you save more that 50% of the money, if you make it yourself. However before you get started there is some wine making equipment you will need before you start making your wine.

The first and one of the most important pieces of wine making equipment would be containers for fermenting the juice.  You will need a primary container which can be a bucket of about 5 to 10 gallons. The second should be a Carboy (also called a demijohn).This container will need to have an airlock. The airlock allows the gases to escape while keeping contaminants and other stuff out of your wine during the fermentation process. You may also need some kind of hose to siphon the wine off the sediment.

A straining bag is another very handy item when you are using fresh fruit to make your wine. You may use it to easily remove the pulp during fermentation. You can leave the pulp in the bag during some of the fermentation process and should be removed at the appropriate time, usually within the first few days of fermentation.

The hydrometer is another very important item in your wine making equipment arsenal. You will need it, as it helps you learn the sugar content of your wine and helps you track your wine’s fermenting progress. This reading should read 0.990 and 0.998 on the Specific Gravity scale.

The bottle and cork is very important, when have completed the bottling process you will need to allow this wine to age. Place the bottle in a nice cool wine cellar for aging.

In the process of making wine it is very important for the novice wine maker to have some idea how to make wine, what ingredients to use, and what kinds of wine making equipment is needed for the process to run smoothly. Each piece of wine making equipment just like every ingredient serves a special purpose in the process of creating your wine. Fermentation is the single most important part, so having the correct yeast and the right wine fermentation equipment is paramount in your wines production.

Each ingredient and piece of wine making equipment lends a hand into the process of making quality wine. There are more advanced ingredients and wine making equipment, which you may want to invest in once you are comfortable with the basic items listed here. They will take your wine to a whole new level of perfection and you will be making wines like the vineyards do.

Wine Making Equipment Needed When Learning How to Make Homemade Wine

  • Barrels or Fermenting Bucket: You will need a primary fermentation barrel; the best ones come with a fitted cap and a spigot. The spigot makes it easy for you to perform siphoning the liquid from the solids.
  • Carboy: Carboys are a glass or plastic vessel used for secondary fermentation of your wine. It should also have an air lock to prevent any outside bacteria from entering the wine during the fermentation process.
  • Corks & Bottles: You will need empty glass wine bottles and corks to bottle your wine batch. Bottles cost about $1 USD and corks are approximately $0.25 USD.
  • Corking Machine: There are hand held and floor corkers you will need to properly insert the wine cork into your bottle. This is essential wine making equipment.
  • Hydrometer: It is an instrument used for measuring the specific gravity as it relates to sugar content. It is invaluable to someone learning how to make wine, because it tells you how much sugar is in your wine and gives you an idea of whether you will need more sugar or water to dilute because of two much sugar. It is best that your hydrometer reads between 0.990 and 0.998 on the specific gravity scale.
  • Presses: The process of squeezing the juice from fruits can be done by hand. Hence, a press is optional but makes the process much easier and less messy. The size of the press is usually determined by the size of your job. A small table top press will be the best to start with.
  • Siphons & Tubing: These products are used for removing the wine off the sediment, and transferring the wine to the secondary fermenter. It is very important to do the siphoning method again later in the fermentation process before bottling.
  • Stoppers & Bungs: A bung is a stopper, for whatever container you use. It is used to seal bottles, tubes and barrels. Bungs are usually made from hard rubber. The bung keeps your container sealed so that nothing inside could escape including liquids and gases and no bacteria can get in.
  • Testing Equipment: Testing equipment is mandatory wine making equipment if you want to produce quality homemade wine. It will help you to find possible problems early in the wine making process so that you know if you need to fix something. Testing equipment comes in several types; there are hydrometers to test the sugar levels, acid test kits to test the acidity of your wine and thermometers to test the temperature of your wine.
  • Wine Paddle or Spoon: These are required to mix your wine during the primary fermentation process.
  • Wine Storage Rack: You will need a wine rack to hold your wine bottles to facilitate racking. In most cases you will need to perform several steps of removing solids in the early aging process. Our store offers several inexpensive racks for sale.
  • · Wine Cellar: After the wine making process is complete you will need a wine cellar or location to properly store your wine while aging. This piece of wine making equipment can be constructed by you or purchased at our store. It is important to avoid large temperature fluctuations which will damage your wine.
  • Wine Making Equipment Kits: Possibly one of the most important things you will need when you are learning how to make wine is the wine making equipment kit. Complete kits it comes with everything that beginners need in order to start the winemaking process. The normal kit comes with one glass carboy, one fermenting bucket with a lid and usually drilled for a spigot, a spigot, one bottle filler, tubing, stopping, siphoning tube, an airlock, hydrometer, an adhesive thermometer, and a sanitizer. In this starter kit you are able to start your wine making hobby with all of the important equipment you will need. Beware there are non-complete kits that assume you have the basic wine making equipment. These type kits usually include juice concentrate and the other ingredients (chemicals) required to make a wine batch of 30 to 60 bottles.

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