Hotels in Niagara Falls NY

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When searching for the first class hotels in Niagara Falls NY, you will notice one important fact; there are not many luxury hotels available, like with the accommodation Canadian side has to offer. Majority of the Niagara Falls NY hotels are economy class hotels, with up to three stars that provide decent comfort and service. […]


Bed and Breakfast in Niagara Falls

Villa Gardenia Bed & Breakfast

Bed and breakfast Niagara Falls is a very popular accommodation and great option for many visitors. B&Bs are usually operated by their owners giving you a feeling of being at home again, with so tasty home-made meals, warm hospitality and atmosphere. Best Niagara BBs are conveniently situated close to “everything” like waterfalls, US-Canada border, Niagara […]


Top Niagara Falls Hotels For the Perfect Getaway

Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara FallsFallsview-25

Find the best Niagara Falls hotels. Reviews of the five star accommodation and Fallsview hotels in Niagara Falls Canada: Embassy Suites, Marriott hotel, Oakes Niagara, Hilton Fallsview, Sheraton hotel… If looking for five star, Fallsview, luxury Niagara Falls hotels, you are on the right page and on the right, Canadian side of the border. Use […]


All About Niagara Falls Inns


Stay at a Niagara Falls Inn because they are suitable located near many Niagara Falls attractions, budget friendly, and are popular for their warm hospitality – an experience worth treasuring. Niagra Falls Hotels offer numerous accommodation options to the tourists who flock to Niagara Falls throughout the year for a weekend getaway, a short family vacation […]


Niagara on the Lake Hotels

niagara on the lake

Niagara on the Lake hotels offer the best bed and breakfast in Canada. These Niagara hotels offer great value meaning you pay less giving you more money to spend elsewhere in Niagara Falls. The various inns and bed and breakfast in Niagara on the lake Canada are worth trying. Check them out before you head […]


The Most Interesting Events & Facts in History of Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls History The most interesting events and facts in history of Niagara Falls. See how Niagara was created, about famous people visiting Niagara Niagara Falls history article is about creation, how the most famous waterfalls were created, first settlers, Niagara development, famous people, including Nikola Tesla, and other history highlights. We will also cover the […]


Niagara Falls Shopping

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Discount Niagara shopping, deals, malls, antique and upscale boutiques, winery boutiques, souvenirs… When talking about Niagara Falls shopping, you will see and experience all kinds of products and events, from the expensive souvenir shopping, through the great wine offer and home-made fudge candies, to the high-class brand name clothing. As you probably know there are […]


Wine Storage – Hints And Tips

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Few wine lovers are lucky enough to possess perfect purpose built, cavernous, subterranean cellars. Many of us have imperfect storage arrangements for our wine, but it is important to understand how to protect wine from damaging conditions so that we can make the most of the wine storage facilities available. Wine storage conditions don’t need […]


Looking for Niagara Falls deals? Find Budget and Discount Tips to Save!

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Cheap Hotels Niagara Falls Looking for Niagara Falls deals? Find Budget and Discount Tips to save on friendly Accommodation Cheap hotels Niagara Falls article finds the best discount hotels for budget oriented visitors, including families with kids and couples on the romantic getaway. This article is not about the cheapest accommodation available in Niagara Falls; […]


Niagara Falls Water Parks

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Niagara Falls water parks are a year round attraction, ideal for nice and exciting family getaways, filled with thrilled adventures, tons of water activities and so many opportunities for pleasure and fun. If you are in doubt, which waterpark to choose, you won’t mistake if you pick any of the listed Niagara Falls indoor water […]