Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Cookie Recipe

sweet heart cookies

My first introduction to Valentine’s Day came by way of awkward grade school card exchanges. (The ones everyone dreaded because they showed just how popular or unpopular you were.) The only good part of these exchanges, to my way of thinking, were the boxes of Sweetheart candies – the little sugar hearts with saying impressed […]


Baked Peaches Dessert

baked peaches desert recipe

Baked peaches stuffed with nuts and flavored with lemon juice, butter, sugar, and nutmeg, and spiked with some sherry is an elegant and simple summer dessert that makes the most out of fresh peaches. Baking peaches make it soft with just a subtle hint of crisp and also enhance its natural sweetness. Baked peaches can […]


Leftover Turkey Recipes

thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving at the end of the day yields a pile of the centerpiece roasted turkey, stuffing, vegetable sidings, even a slice of pie no one was bold enough to take. These leftovers, particularly the roast turkey, get a second lease on life as early as midnight of Thanksgiving. Its transformation: a nice, chunky roast turkey […]


Burgundy Eggs

recipe for burgundy eggs

For a five-star breakfast make this recipe for Burgundy eggs created by Michelin chef Bernard Loiseau for the celebrated restaurant La cote d’or. Also known as oeufs en meurette, poached eggs in a rich red wine sauce is a classic French country dish that will make your eyes roll over with ecstasy. This sumptuous and […]


Beef Fillet with Red Wine

beef fillet with wine

The tenderloin and even the sirloin are sometimes called, or rather known, under the name of fillet, when cooked. It comes from the French fillet – tenderloin. The red wine brings out all the best flavors of meat, especially with beef. Beef steak is certainly as delicious meal for many people. Steak can be cooked […]