Niagara Falls Shopping

niagara falls shopping

Discount Niagara shopping, deals, malls, antique and upscale boutiques, winery boutiques, souvenirs… When talking about Niagara Falls shopping, you will see and experience all kinds of products and events, from the expensive souvenir shopping, through the great wine offer and home-made fudge candies, to the high-class brand name clothing. As you probably know there are […]


Looking for Niagara Falls deals? Find Budget and Discount Tips to Save!

niagara falls hotels

Cheap Hotels Niagara Falls Looking for Niagara Falls deals? Find Budget and Discount Tips to save on friendly Accommodation Cheap hotels Niagara Falls article finds the best discount hotels for budget oriented visitors, including families with kids and couples on the romantic getaway. This article is not about the cheapest accommodation available in Niagara Falls; […]


Niagara Falls Water Parks

niagara falls water parks

Niagara Falls water parks are a year round attraction, ideal for nice and exciting family getaways, filled with thrilled adventures, tons of water activities and so many opportunities for pleasure and fun. If you are in doubt, which waterpark to choose, you won’t mistake if you pick any of the listed Niagara Falls indoor water […]


Niagara Falls Attractions You Don’t Wan to Miss

niagara falls attractions

Niagara Falls attractions are among the best and most visited tourist attractions in Canada. Great for kids, families and couples, with lots of opportunity for entertainment and fun. Niagara waterfalls are among the top three tourist attractions in Canada along with Toronto and Vancouver that are also in the top two cities in the world. […]


Honeymoon in Niagara Falls

honeymoon in niagara

Explore Niagara Falls as the top honeymoon destination in America and Canada, also named as honeymoon capital What makes Honeymoon in Niagara Falls popular and charming among many North American attractive destinations, is its miraculous vision, sound of rushing and thundering water, rainbow above the mist, breathtaking attractions, wineries and romantic trips throughout Niagara region. All […]


Amazing and the most interesting facts about  Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Facts Niagara Falls facts that you will find here, general facts, the most interesting and simply amazing facts are collected for one reason only… to show you why Niagara Falls is one of the World’s Natural Wonders. Choose one of the following categories to learn more about interesting facts about Niagara Falls: General […]


A Tourist guide to Camping in Niagara Falls

camping niagara falls

Tourist guide to Camping in Niagara Falls, campgrounds, camping tips and how to choose the right gear Niagara Falls camping near the waterfalls, in one of many trailer and national parks and campgrounds, hiking along numerous trails is the best way to explore Niagara Region and its amazing nature. Camping is not for everybody, but […]


Why Niagara Falls is the Perfect Place for a Wedding

niagara weddings

Is Wedding in Niagara Falls really extraordinary to make this city a wedding capital? Best Niagara wedding spots, chapels… One of the major reasons why Niagara Falls wedding was and is popular, is due to its attribute as a honeymoon capital, one of the seven world’s natural wonders, and as it offers a variety of lovely and […]



blondin hero of niagara

By day and by night, frontward and back, his feet in baskets, his head in a sack, he crossed the torrent on a cable—190 feet up By LLOYD GRAHAM On Thursday, June 30, 1859, the atmosphere at Niagara Falls was charged with excitement. A slightly built Frenchman, dressed in tights and carrying a long balancing pole, […]