Easter Sunday Best

easter in canada

Sunday for a lot of people is a time to spend with family, dress up in their Sunday’s best and go to church after which they oftentimes enjoy a nice meal together. The Lenten season culminating in Easter Sunday is even a more special day with most of the rest of the world celebrating the […]


Niagara College first to offer certificate in production of commercial cannabis

niagara college cannabis

A southern Ontario college says it will be the first to offer a post-secondary credential in the production of commercial cannabis. Niagara College says the graduate certificate program will launch in the fall of 2018 and aims to prepare students to work in the licensed production of cannabis, which includes marijuana, hemp fibre and hemp […]


A Major OPG Clean-Energy Project

When someone says “Niagara Falls” what comes to mind? The spectacular Horseshoe Falls? The victory won at the Battle of Queenston Heights? How about the city’s reputation as the Honeymoon Capital of the World? Now Canadians have another reason to be proud of Niagara Falls—the Niagara Tunnel, a major clean-energy project by Ontario Power Generation […]