What is Corked Wine?

what is corked wine

Keeping a wine bottle sealed is probably the most important factor when it comes to maintaining a good wine. A cork is essential, as it keeps oxygen out of the wine bottle. If a bottle of wine is not airtight then it may become oxidized and undrinkable. Traditionally, the only corks worth considering were those […]


Why Canada is One of the Top Ice Wine Producers

ice wine niagara

The discovery of ice wine, or eiswein, in 1794 in Franconia, Germany was accidental, like many other gastronomic delights. In that year a freak cold spell froze vineyards prior to harvest and, to avert ruin, winemakers tried to press juice from the frozen grapes. They were ecstatic and surprised when the wine was ready. It […]


Matching Wine and Cheese

wine and cheese matching

One of the longest standing wine and food partnerships is that of cheese and wine. It dates back 6000 years, almost as old as recorded history. Wine is the classic companion for cheese and both complement each other superbly. The fat content of cheese coats the taste buds and makes wine appear to be much […]


Wine Tasting & Flights

Of the many great experiences to be enjoyed in Niagara wine country, the tasting bar is certainly the most popular. Having an opportunity to visit Niagara wineries, sample superior VQA wines and speak with courteous, friendly and knowledgeable winery staffers – even the winemakers themselves on occasion – is, without a doubt, the best way […]


About the Wine of Niagara

The Niagara Peninsula is recognized globally as an outstanding wine producing region. With complex glacial soils and a climate similar to that of Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Oregon and New Zealand, the region is ideal for growing grapes. Niagara is located between 41-degrees and 44-degrees north latitude. Niagara is on the same latitudinal band as […]


Wine Food Pairing What Works Best for Your Meal

wine food pairing

Wine and food pairing is really misleading. There really is no such thing as ‘proper’ when choosing a wine and food to enjoy together. In matters of taste, individual judgment will always reign supreme. But the old rule of reds with beef, whites with fish and poultry still has merit. For either situation, choose the […]


Wine Glossary & Grape Types for Beginners

wine glossary

ACETIC ACID Wines contain several types of acid, but acetic is the bad one: it suggests vinegar and is sometimes referred to as volatile acidity. If present at more than minimal levels, it makes a wine unpleasant. ACIDITY Acid is present in all grapes, and therefore all wines. It is extremely important (particularly in white […]