Decanting Wine

wine decanting

Decanting wine is not always essential for most wines people tend to think the more expensive the wine the more it is needed to decant, there is some debate on whether decanting wine improves the taste and aroma’s of the wine, a lot of wine that is designed to be aged such as burgundy and claret usually have sediment which is nothing to be worried about and usually means the wine is well made and designed to age. If you want to decant wine with sediment that is fine for best results decant the wine about 90 minutes before serving this allows the wine to breath without loosing any of the wines aroma’s . alternatively you can just uncork the wine and leave to stand again for about 90 minutes and this should allow enough time for the sediment to settle and the wine to breath.Please note it is not advised to remove the sediment from any wine as this adds to the flavour and aroma’s of the wine. Some wines especially new world wines will tell you on the label that there might be sediment in the bottle.

Preserving an opened bottle of wine

Once you have opened a bottle of wine the air starts to mix with the wine at first this i beneficial but after a while this will destroy your wine. Many years ago if you opened a bottle of wine and did not finish it you would have to try and jam the cork back in, but nowadays there are many inventions that help you preserve your wine.However this is a good short term solution to preserve your wine in the short term, but don’t expect it to do the job for old or fine wine this solution is OK for young wines and will probably last a couple of days If you have re corked a wine put in into the fridge with red wines remember to take out of the fridge at least two hours before serving.

Wine Conserving Gadgets

Wine Conserving Gadgets are widely available nowadays these wine conserving gadgets work on two basic elements they remove the air in the bottle and putting in an inert gas meaning they will last longer maybe a week to two weeks and you don’t need to refrigerate them but it would be advisable . You can also buy a wine pump and stoppers which you put the stopper in the bottle and then use the pump to suck the air in the bottle out through the stopper, both method’s work very well and are very inexpensive

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