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Sunday for a lot of people is a time to spend with family, dress up in their Sunday’s best and go to church after which they oftentimes enjoy a nice meal together. The Lenten season culminating in Easter Sunday is even a more special day with most of the rest of the world celebrating the season though not all understand its historic and religious significance.

Dressing up and preparing an extra special meal is important for people as it’s a time when families get together – pretty much like Thanksgiving and Christmas. When everyone’s present, the host usually is sometimes pressured to put together an extra special meal.

From large hotels, bed and breakfasts and fancy country clubs to large restaurants, Easter Sunday is an opportunity to showcase their put their best foot forward and offer a variety of promotions catering to the whole family – for a price. For quite a sum of money, these dining establishments not only offer meals from breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner but throw in a lot of fun activities for kids as well. This is usually bundled together with the meal or in the case of an afternoon Easter egg hunt, offered separately with admission to the fun activities and giveaways (usually chocolates and candies). Clowns, magicians, puppet shows, various Easter-themed contests are some of sights you see in an Easter Sunday programs.

However, for Catholics, the term Sunday’s best, particularly Easter Sunday Best is more relevant as this commemorates Jesus Christ’s sacrifice dying on the cross on Good Friday to save humanity from sin. After three days, He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. As such there is much festiveness on this day and for those who place value in this sacrifice made two millennia past, they not only put on their best clothes but also make an effort to be better people as well.

Easter Dinner

If you really want to impress your Easter Sunday dinner guests, then get ready to either spend a lot on preordered take away food or spend hours in the kitchen preparing something home made. Either way, make sure the menu is appropriate for the season and has something for everyone. Note if there are children, senior citizens, vegetarians in the guest list as you do not want to leave them out with nothing to eat.

Blockbusters on the dinner table include a festive leg of lamb, prime rib, roast turkey or chicken–not all together though unless you’re expecting an extra large hungry crowd! Perhaps choose one main dish to make it the centerpiece and work around this dish and prepare appropriate sidings, a salad, maybe some soup and of course dessert and drinks. Add another entrée or two as appropriate. Wine and other alcohol may also be served.

Making a roast isn’t really all that difficult. It just needs some time to cook and cannot be rushed. Make sure to plan ahead as you do not want your meat to still be cooking in the oven as your hungry guests arrive.

If you really want to be formal about it, have some coffee and tea ready as well as people tend to linger around for some after dinner conversation. This would be a good time to serve desserts as well – either one impressive cake perhaps or a selection of pastries, sweets and ice cream if there are kids around.

If you do not want the hassle of cooking something at all, there are some restaurants and caterers who capitalize on the season and accept advance orders for Easter meals. You may order some dishes to add on to your home made menu. Or preorder everything from a roast complete with sidings to other complementary entrees. Just make sure to still put a personal touch to the evening’s meal–perhaps a giveaway or the decorations.

Easy Easter Brunch

Easter celebrations are always fun for most countries that practice it. For devout Catholic families, Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after sacrificing his life on the cross to save the world from sin. But for most others, Easter is a fun celebration of Easter egg hunts, gift giving and of course enjoying a great meal with family.

While some families opt to eat out in restaurants, hotels and country clubs to take advantage of the many promotions for kids and adults, there are some homemakers who prefer to prepare a homemade Easter feast.

Depending on the activities of the day, most of which depend if there are kids in the family, allocating time and energy to prepare the Easter Sunday brunch can vary as well. It can be a major production with a roast lamb, several entrees, salads and desserts.

However, if you’ll be taking the kids to Easter egg hunting or egg painting or whatnot, you may find yourself a bit stressed to manage to make an elaborate meal.

Practicality doesn’t mean compromising the quality of your brunch. After all, what’s important is you serve something delicious which everyone eats together and appreciates. This doesn’t mean slaving in the kitchen for hours.

The key is to know what your family enjoys to eat and prepare these dishes perhaps with an Easter twist by serving easy to prepare sidings and dessert. You can even go for store bought items and give it a special touch by adding other ingredients to make it your own.

As brunch is usually comprised of breakfast and lunch entrees, prepare easy dishes using eggs. Whip up a simple omelet or frittata with potatoes and vegetables.

One more thing to avoid the panic of preparing something on Easter day is to cook some of the dishes ahead of time and freeze. A lot of stews freeze well and just needs some microwave action to bring it to hot steaming goodness. Serve these with a simple colorful salad with store bought dressing and other condiments.

Make a fresh fruit salad by simply mixing some sweetened cream with your favorite fruit. If you still do not want to peel and dice, buy canned fruit, drain well, mix with some cream and freeze for a nice refreshing frozen dessert.


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