7 Healthy Benefits of Drinking Wine

wine health benefits

Cheers to Your Health!

When word got out about the health benefits of wine, most wine drinkers stopped swirling for a long minute and took notice.

It was the mid 90s when story of the “French Paradox” poured from all media sources, and wine drinkers across the world swirled and sipped and rejoiced.

wine health benefits In case you missed it, baffled researchers launched a study of French folk, trying to determine why people with diets so high in cheese fats were not suffering from more heart attacks.

The findings? It’s their moderate and steady intake of wine. Long after the discovery that the French were absurdly beating health odds, tons of research in support of wine drinking for good health continued to surface.

First, there were scores of positive studies related solely to the healing powers of resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red grape skins and therefore in red wine. However, now they’re finding just as many benefits from white wines.

As a matter of fact, winemakers worldwide are even altering their production processes in order to boost the health benefits in white wine. All kinds of new findings still frequently bombard the media today.

Check out some of the most recent studies that boast the health benefits of wine:

wine womens health

1. Look Younger:

Anti-aging effects in red grape skins (Harvard Medical School in Boston, 2004)

2. Lung Health Benefits:

Improved lung function from antioxidants in white wine (American Thoracic Society, 2002)

3. Heart Health Benefits:

Coronary heart disease reduced (University of California, Davis, 1995)

Healthier blood vessels in elderly (University of Ferrara in Italy, 2004)

4. Ulcer Prevention:

Ulcer-causing bacteria reduced (American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2003)

wine and cancer prevention5. Cancer Prevention:

Cancer cells killed by protein in red grape skins (University of Virginia Health System, 2004)

Stroke Prevention:

Arteries kept clean by polyphenols in red grape skins (William Harvey Research Institute, 2002)

6. Women’s Health Benefits:

Decreased ovarian cancer risk (The Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia, 2004)

Stronger bones (Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology Unit, St. Thomas Hospital in London, 2004)

Lower risk of stroke (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2001)

wine hearth health7. Men’s Health Benefits:

Lower risk of heart attack for men with high blood pressure (Worcester Medical Center in Massachusetts, 2004)

So Whats the catch? you ask. Well, the catch is simple moderation. Most of these studies promote drinking in moderation in order to achieve the blissful health benefits of wine drinking.

And whats moderation? Well, moderation is defined as a glass or two each day, and no, you cant save them up all week and drink all of them on the weekend.

In fact, too much wine per day or per week can lead to negative health effects in many cases and rather than prevent disease, you’ll actually up your odds of acquiring such diseases.

Isnt it great when you discover that something you enjoy could actually lead to better health? I guess this must be how vegetable lovers feel about eating.

In any case, now you can sip your favorite glass of wine with ease and even fervor tonight. After all, the health benefits of wine speak for themselves.

But Best of All…Concentrated Resveratrol!

So with all of the benefits of wine discussed, resveratrol is getting all the praise from the medical field. The problem with getting it naturally from wine is that the quantity is very low. To really benefit, you must get it in larger quantities. The way to do that is in pill form.


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