Interesting Facts about Niagara Falls You Probably Didn’t Know

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There are three basic categories of Niagara Falls: American, Canadian or Horseshoe and Bridal Veil. In the middle of the Luna Island and the Prospect Point is where the American Falls is situated; the Horseshoe/Canadian Falls is in the middle of the Table Rock and the Goat Island; and the Bridal Veil is located in […]


Niagara Falls Daredevils Who Risked Their Lives

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The first barrel trip over the Falls was made by Annie Edson Taylor, a school teacher from Bay City Michigan, on October 4, 1901. Annie’s barrel was curiously constructed, tapered almost to a point at the bottom and bound with metal hoops. It was padded with pillows and had a 45.4 kg (100 lb.) anvil in its bottom to keep it upright as it floated downriver.


Top Niagara Falls Hotels For the Perfect Getaway

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Find the best Niagara Falls hotels. Reviews of the five star accommodation and Fallsview hotels in Niagara Falls Canada: Embassy Suites, Marriott hotel, Oakes Niagara, Hilton Fallsview, Sheraton hotel… If looking for five star, Fallsview, luxury Niagara Falls hotels, you are on the right page and on the right, Canadian side of the border. Use […]


Looking for Niagara Falls deals? Find Budget and Discount Tips to Save!

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Cheap Hotels Niagara Falls Looking for Niagara Falls deals? Find Budget and Discount Tips to save on friendly Accommodation Cheap hotels Niagara Falls article finds the best discount hotels for budget oriented visitors, including families with kids and couples on the romantic getaway. This article is not about the cheapest accommodation available in Niagara Falls; […]


Niagara Falls Attractions You Don’t Wan to Miss

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Niagara Falls attractions are among the best and most visited tourist attractions in Canada. Great for kids, families and couples, with lots of opportunity for entertainment and fun. Niagara waterfalls are among the top three tourist attractions in Canada along with Toronto and Vancouver that are also in the top two cities in the world. […]


6 Exciting Things to Do When Visiting Niagara’s Famous Clifton Hill

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So you’ve booked your Niagara Falls Hotel and you’re wondering what is there to do in one of the most visited places on the planet. Well, the truth is, there is no shortage of options. In fact it’s almost information overload once you hit Clifton Hill. We decided to put together a few places we […]


9 People Who Crossed Niagara Falls on a Tightrope

Clifford Claverly Clifford Claverly is another tightrope walker to challenge the Niagara Gorge. He is probably best known as being the fastest tightrope walker, having completed his journey in the time of 2 minutes, 32 5/8 seconds. Most of his contemporaries had taken fifteen to twenty minutes to cross. Claverly also amazed the audiences with […]


Niagara Falls: The Basics

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Twenty percent of the worlds fresh water is contained in the Great Lakes and most of that water eventually flows over Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls actually refers to both the city and the waterfalls. The city continues to grow with the arrival of major casinos and additional tourist accommodations but the falls themselves are a […]