Domaine Vagners Winery

Domaine Vagners Winery

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(Est. 1993) Wine lover Martin Vagners is the Canadian head of Scott Laboratories, a company that has extensive involvement with the wine industry, selling yeast strains, fermentation, and processing compounds and a variety of other products.  Having purchased a 7-acre section surrounded by peach orchards in 1990, he immediately platned 2.5 acres of traditional Bordeaux varieties (Caberent Franc, Cabernet Sauvinon, and Merlot) adding a little over an acre of Gewurztraminer; Pinot Gris and Riesling in 1993.  In 1995, he planted 1.2 acres of Pinot Noir , and in 2001 filled in a tiny section with .10 acre of Muscat Ottonel. He also planted about 500 Pinot Gris plants and 100 Pinot Blanc vines to make sparkling wine, butthese are not very cold-hardy.  All varieties are cultivated at the relatively high density of 2,000 vines per acre.


 Everybody asks. Who is the author? Who is the artist? Where did you get it? Where are You from? Since time immemorial  the beginnings and source of anything  has been an ever powerful and respected quest. Today we have approved areas of production for many foodstuffs including, cigars and even white asparagus has its own defined region in northern Italy. Why not grapes in my little plot.

This is not to say that my pinot noir is the same as DRC from Burgundy?  Definitely not. But it is what it is and it is different with its own sense of place. That is all that we can be, what we care.


I always get a little barnyard with a soupcon of black cherry pits, no matter how I stress and strain those grapes. When I made riesling there was always a hint of peach. Was this from the pollen of surrounding peach trees or from the soil where peaches had been grown for many years.

My aim is minimal intervention allowing the grape vine roots  to search deep and any direction they choose in order to demonstrate its particular “somewhereness” , in this way  the voice of nature can manifest itself.

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1973 Four Mile Creek Road, R.R#3

Niagara on the Lake, ON, L0s 1J0


Phone: 905-468-7296