Frogpond Farm Organic Winery

Frogpond Farm Organic Winery

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Here at Frogpond Farm we believe that creating harmony in nature is the prerequisite for a truly authentic wine. As Ontario’s First certified Organic winery we take pride in crafting premium wines using only sustainable practices.

We are often asked what Organic wine certification requires. In order for a wine to receive Organic certification the vineyard and the wine making process must undergo a strict inspection by a third party certifier. The certifier makes sure that the wine has been made adhering to Canadian government Organic standards.  All of our wines have been certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic, for both the grape growing and the wine making processes. While we are growing our grapes we do not use any chemical based herbicides, fungicides or pesticides and while we are processing our wines we do not use any chemical or synthetic based products.

What we do here at Frogpond Farm, is focus on growing stronger, healthier more disease resistant plants right from the start. Our grape vines are provided with a clean, healthy environment in which they can thrive. We keep a variety of plants, birds and animals on the farm that create a balanced ecosystem. This includes our Guinea Fowl. The Guinea fowl have a strong rousting instinct and therefore do not go very far from the vineyard. They are also very efficient bug eaters and are very affective at helping to control the bug population in the vineyard.

By farming Organically we are not only helping the environment, we are also ensuring that our property is a clean and safe place for all of staff and visitors and eliminating the risk of them coming in contact with a chemical based product that can injure them or make them sick. We are passionate about our wines and invite you to taste the difference Organic makes.

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1385 Larkin Rd.
L0s 1J0
Phone: 905-468-1079 or call us toll free 1-877-989-0165