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King’s Court Estate Winery is a seven-generation, family-owned and operated winery situated in Southern Ontario, with its roots in Germany. Ours is a family that loves making wine and loves making people smile when they taste our wine. Our superb selection of Ontario wines is available to you to enjoy all year long. You can take advantage of the complete portfolio of Southern Ontario wines by ordering right from this website..

Of course, the appeal of a Southern Ontario winery is its prime location. Geographically, this area in Southern Ontario is in the centre of the northern band of the world’s wine belt which is 30 to 50 degrees north or south of the equator. The premier growing regions of Southern Ontario are known as Niagara Peninsula, Prince Edward County and Lake Erie North Shore.

Southern Ontario itself, has a unique microclimate that nurtures and protects its 17 ,000 acres of vineyards during the fall & winter months. The climate in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario is moderated by the Great Lakes. By storing heat in the summer and releasing it to the atmosphere in the winter, these Southern Ontario lakes act as buffers which create circular air flow on the vineyards, preventing too much moisture from settling on the vines.

The World-Famous Niagara Region – the gem of Southern Ontario

Ontario wine is grown in a climate that is considered to be a cooler growing climate than that of most of the world’s other wine-growing regions. Most varieties of Ontario wine crops yield smaller quantities of grapes. While one might think this to be a disadvantage, the fact remains that a smaller quantity of grapes produced for Ontario wine, translates to a superior, more concentrated flavour. This is why wines produced in colder climates like those of Ontario, have a livelier flavour than wines from hotter locales.

In fact, the climate in the Niagara Peninsula’s Ontario wine growing season is comparable to that of Burgundy, France. This accounts for the success of grape varieties originally grown in France and many other parts of Europe.

Besides climate, good soil drainage and good canopy management are very important to good grape growing conditions, regardless of location. Grapes grow well on a thin layer of topsoil and well drained subsoil. Much Ontario wine comes from wineries that were established on former fruit orchards where the soil has been ideally conditioned for grape growing. The previous orchards of peach, cherry, plum and pear trees served to prepare the soil, resulting in optimum soil conditions for growing wine grapes for superb Ontario wine.

The grapevine canopy (everything above the ground on the vine, which includes the trunk, canes, shoots, leaves and grapes) must be expertly maintained to create balance between the fruit and shoot. To manage the canopy, vintners alter the position and number of the shoots and the spacing of the fruit on the vines. Good canopy management results in superior wine quality, optimized grape yield, reduced incidence of disease and decreased production costs. The best Ontario wine is crafted from grapes grown through optimum canopy management.

Of the over 4000 different grape varieties in the world, only a handful of them are suitable to be made into Ontario wine. Grapes must have a perfect balance between fruit sugars and acids to make good Ontario wine. The best grapes for fine wine production of Ontario wine are the classic European Vitis Vinifera, which are extensively planted in Ontario’s vineyards, though some wines are being produced with some French hybrids.

Ontario’s rich viticulture areas produce over 80% of Canada’s domestically grown Ontario wine from over 17,000 acres of wine grape vineyards. Wine products include dry white, red wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines, fortified wines and of course, Late Harvest and Icewines.

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